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2023 Swimming Pool Design Trends

A swimming pool can be an expression of your own personal taste — a statement piece that separates your home from others, so make sure it stands out with a stellar design. From geometric to free-form pools, there are an infinite number of design options, technologies, and special features to make your pool special. Here […]

Looking for an automatic pool cleaner? Here are a few things to consider.

Ready to get yourself an automatic pool cleaner? Smart move! A cleaner not only removes dirt and debris, but enhances circulation and can help reduce chemical usage.  There are three major types of automatic cleaners: pressure, suction and robotic.  Pressure cleaners can be quite effective, but they require dedicated pool plumbing lines, and often require […]

Outdoor Kitchens – The perfect addition for any San Diego home

With our year-round perfect weather, San Diego is the ideal setting for cooking and dining outdoors. Whether it’s a small family meal or a weekend party, having a well-equipped outdoor kitchen is at the top of many homeowners’ list of home improvements. Outdoor kitchens and living spaces can be incredibly elaborate or simple, depending on your needs. Here are […]

Pool Cleaning 101

Whether you have your pool professionally cleaned or you do it yourself, it’s good to know pool cleaning fundamentals. Pool expert Matt Giovanisci from Swim University will explain the 3 C’s of cleaning. By Matt Giovanisci If you’re not cleaning your pool on a regular basis—and the right way—there will come a day, sooner rather […]

It’s Pool Party Time!

With gathering restrictions lifting and school getting out, it’s time to party! Pool party, that is. Check out these fun tips to help you host the summer’s biggest blow out in your own backyard.

Time to Service your Pool!

It’s starting to warm up, so now is the time to make sure your pool is in tip-top shape. Schedule your service now to make sure your pool is summer ready. It’ll be here in no time! For more pool maintenance tips, check out Swim University.

These Pool Deck Design Ideas Are Absolute Goals!

Unwind and relax in the best way! Summer is almost over, but as the heat continues, there’s no better way to cool off than taking a nice dip in your pool. What’s even better than a pool is a pool with a gorgeously styled deck. Why not get yours ready for this busy summer so […]

6 Essential Pool Safety Tips

What better way to relax and unwind than splashing in a springtime pool with your loved ones . It is the best time to bond with your family and enjoy the weather. However, sometimes we tend to ignore the necessary precautions while having fun in the pool. It’s important to follow the safety guidelines and […]

A Backyard Oasis to thwart those Isolation Blues

We are living in unprecedented times. At Pacific Sun, we are especially grateful for all the frontline essential workers who are putting themselves at risk to save lives. As part of the construction industry, we are considered an essential business as well, and therefore we are keeping our business open and continuing to create a […]

Pools and COVID-19

During this time of uncertainty, we wanted to reassure swimming pool owners that taking a dip in their pool or de-stressing in their spa is safe. Per the CDC, COVID-19 is not spread through the use of swimming pools and hot tubs. As long as you maintain proper maintenance and your normal chemical routine, your […]

Outdoor Kitchen: The Latest Trends

Fall is upon us and the beautiful weather is begging us to come out and play. Your pool designer is hard at work creating your luxury, outdoor oasis in time for summer use, but your backyard entertaining space isn’t yet complete. You still need to plan your outdoor kitchen so that you aren’t stuck in […]

Pool Contractor: How to Choose

Pool contractors start to get very busy this time of year. If you are thinking about installing a new pool, now is the time to one. This way your pool will be ready for spring and summer, and you’ll be able to spend more time relaxing and less time waiting for the fun to begin. […]

2020 Pool Design Trends

2020 pool design trends are all about creating the perfect oasis for social gatherings. After all, what better place is there to host a summer celebration than your own backyard? We have helped many clients achieve transform their pools into a resort-like setting. Creating that destination backyard requires a comprehensive approach to design that integrates […]

Pool Heaters: Three options for Your Pool

Pool heaters let you extend the use of your pool all year long so you can capitalize on the wellness and fitness benefits of your backyard oasis. Though winter in Southern California can be pretty mild, that water still gets cold. We install heaters on just about every pool we design and build. If you […]

Your Pool Contractor Gives Thanks – 2019 Edition

This week we will gather with family and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving and give thanks for all of the good things in our lives. Last year, I listed the many things I was grateful for as your local pool contractor, including so many happy clients. This year, as a California resident, I am especially grateful […]

Pool Construction to Beat the Summer Blues

Temperatures are soaring. The humidity is high. Starting pool construction might be just the thing to turn the summer heat blues into summer bliss. Just looking at the calm water on a hot afternoon can help you feel cooler and more relaxed. Take a dip, and you’ll feel instantly refreshed. During summertime, having a pool […]

Swimming Pool Party: Red, White & Crystal Blue

This July 4th, celebrate our country’s independence with a little freedom from the heat. A pool party is a great way to relax with family and friends—and it doesn’t have to be a lot of work. Throw some kabobs and burgers on the grill, fill a few coolers with your beverages of choice and you’re […]

Pool Renovations for a Modern Yard

Just like homes, cars and clothes, pools need some sprucing up from time to time–that’s when a smart pool renovation can really add value to your home. Your pool design might look dated or no longer fit the lifestyle needs of your family. Or maybe the tile and plaster are in need of repair. Or […]

Pool Design Trends for 2019

If we were to describe pool design trends for 2019 in one word, if would be destination. Everyone wants a backyard that feels like a resort, like their very own private oasis. We agree that having a beautiful and relaxing place to unwind after a long week is a welcome addition to any home—and we […]

Your Pool Contractor Gives Thanks – 2018 Edition

This week we will gather with family and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving and give thanks for all of the good things in our lives. Last year, I listed the many things I was grateful for as your local pool contractor, including so many happy clients. This year, as a California resident, I am especially grateful […]

Swimming Pool Construction: Include a Heater

Even weather perfect San Diego, cooler winters and evenings can put a damper on your swimming plans. That’s why with every swimming pool construction project, we recommend installing a pool heater. We are all familiar with the great benefits swimming offers. From improved health and reduced stress to good old fun and relaxation, a pool […]

Swimming Pool Construction: Let’s Talk Coping

When people first embark on swimming pool construction, coping isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Many don’t even know what it is. However, the right coping can truly enhance the look of your pool. For starters, coping is the border, usually stone, around the edge of your pool. It is not necessary, and […]

Pool Design Trends for Extra Wow

As pool design continues to innovative, swimming pools are becoming more and more luxurious and modern. The latest trends in upscale swimming pools are all influenced by the desire for relaxation. People want to create their own backyard oasis. As a pool builder, we have many features we can incorporate to boost the beauty and […]

New Pool for those Hot Summer Days

With the heat keeping summer at toasty temperatures, there’s no better time to enjoy a new pool. Just looking at the calm water on a hot afternoon can help you feel cooler and more relaxed. Take a dip, and you’ll feel instantly refreshed. During summertime, having a pool is a sweet luxury. Some might say […]

Outdoor kitchens with all the wow factors.

Outdoor kitchens run the gamut from grill and fridge combos to entire rooms featuring every appliance under the sun. The latest trend is towards the later. If your yard and budget allow, creating an outdoor kitchen as functional and inviting as your indoor one can really raise your summertime entertaining to new wonderful heights. Here […]

Pool Builder: Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Pool Contractor

You’ve made the decision to hire a pool builder. Congratulations! In a few short months you will have transformed your backyard into an inviting oasis. But before you fire up the BBQ and set up those lounge chairs, you need to find a reputable pool builder who will listen to your wants and needs and […]

Pool Design Ideas for 2018

Just like fashion, pool design styles evolve with the times. Of course, classic geometric shapes will always hold their beauty and lagoon-like pools will continue to offer homeowners a resort-esque feel. But the latest and greatest in pool construction trends provide a sense of modern grandeur not seen before. If you’re considering a new pool […]

Pool Contractor Tips for Planning Your New Pool

If you are thinking about installing a new pool, now is the time to contact a pool contractor. Pool season is just around the corner. And while winter seems to be hanging around, in a couple of weeks that sun will be blazing. You’ll be glad your new pool is well under way. Schedules do […]

A Pool Contractor Gives Thanks

Your Pool Contractor & Thanksgiving Last week, many of us gathered with family and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving and consider all of the good things in our lives. As a pool contractor, we are particularly grateful for the many clients whose pool dreams we helped achieve this year. We are also thankful for a few […]

Pool Heaters : 3 Options for Your Pool

That wonderful crisp fall air is back, but there’s no reason we have to lament the end of swim season. Pool heaters are a smart way to extend summer into fall, and maximize the use of your swimming pool investment. If you don’t currently have a pool heater, here’s a quick overview of the three […]

Halloween Pool Party Ideas to Spook Up Your Evening

Warm October weather offers an added bonus to pool owners: the ability to create a haunted backyard! A spectacular Halloween pool party makes for a unique twist on fall activities. Here are some creative ways to transform your pool into the best haunted yard on the block. Floating Pumpkins Those heavy pumpkins are surprisingly buoyant. […]

Can a Pool Builder add Value to Your Home?

When people start talking about consulting a pool builder to enhance their backyard, this question inevitably comes up: will a pool add value to my home? Some will give you a definitive yes. Others might argue that the expense will not realize an equal return on your home’s value. And while we understand that as […]

Fall Into a New Pool: 3 Reasons Why

The weather is still warm and the sun is still shining, and while next summer seems like an eternity away, now is a great time to consider a new pool–especially living in the San Diego area. Temperatures may be going down now, but they’ll be back up before you know it. Here are a few […]

Swimming Pool Party Tips for A Fab Labor Day

Although us lucky residents of the San Diego area enjoy summer-like weather all year long, Labor Day weekend still holds a special place in our calendar. It’s a time to say good-bye to the relaxed days of summer before the demands of the work and school kick into full gear. And there’s no better way […]

Pool Builder: How to choose the right one for you.

Making the decision to install a swimming pool in your backyard is an exciting one. The next step is to find the right pool builder to help you transform your backyard. Like pools, pool builders come in all shapes and sizes. The company that built your neighbor’s pool may not be right for your project. […]

Pool design for hot times.

Excessive heat warning slashes across the weather report. Temperatures soar. Breezes die. In times like these, a melting homeowner has only two choices: turn up the AC or build a pool. We recommend you consider the latter. Imagine jumping into a refresh pool nestled in your own backyard oasis. It’s the perfect antidote to a […]

Great landscaping can enhance your pool.

Whether you’re looking to create a luxurious backyard retreat, a lush and vibrant entertaining space, or a relaxing oasis, your premier pool builder can do more than just add a beautiful swimming pool to your outdoor space-like design accompanying landscaping. Pool landscaping plays a big role in creating the beautiful and cohesive vision of grandeur […]

The Best Tile Options for Your Luxury Swimming Pool

There are several options to explore when choosing tile for your pool. How can you decide which materials are right for your design? Here are the different types of tile and what you can expect from each. Ceramic/Porcelain Tiles Ceramic and porcelain tiles in pools are much the same as those used in kitchens and […]

Spring is the best time for pool building.

If you’ve been dreaming of a backyard oasis, complete with a pool and spa, now is a great time to move from the conceptual to the planning phase, and there are several good reasons to make this the year you finally pull the trigger. Here are a just a few reasons why right now is […]

The Lowdown on Infinity Edge Pools

You’ve seen them at high-end hotels, luxury resorts, and in photos of celebrity houses in the Hollywood Hills and Malibu – pools that seem to vanish into the horizon or the ocean beyond. Sometimes referred to as negative edge or vanishing edge pools (among other names), this design is more commonly referred to as an […]

Topics to Consider with Your Pool Designer

  If you live in a climate that enjoys sunshine and warm temperatures year-round, constructing a private pool on your property is a no-brainer. But before you hire a pool designer and break ground, there are a few factors you’ll need to consider. Here are some things to think about beforehand to ensure that you […]

Pool Designer Tip: Conserve Energy When Heating Your Pool

  There are few greater luxuries than having a private swimming pool at your disposal, and when you hire a reputable pool designer to create your outdoor oasis, you can enjoy a truly spectacular exterior space for lounging and entertaining. Of course, you don’t want to join the polar bear club every time you go […]

Pool Designer Tip: Choosing the Best Pool Heater

  Now that your pool designer has delivered the dream outdoor oasis, it’s no wonder you want to use it year-round for entertaining and family enjoyment. Whether you live in a climate that enjoys relatively balmy weather or you have to contend with freezing winter temperatures, you could keep your pool heated throughout the year, […]

Pool Landscaping Basics from Your Pool Designer

  Summer may have come and gone already this year, but the luxury afforded by a premium pool presentation is an amenity that can add to your life no matter the season. After all, there truly is nothing as relaxing and rewarding as washing away the stresses of daily life with a few strokes and […]

Determining What Type of Pool Design Is Right for Your Home

Lap pool or oblong How big? How wide? How deep? Picking the perfect pool for you and your family is not easy. Yet families far and wide intelligently opt for the addition of a pool yard. Installing a quality pool with a luxury pool designer not only emphasizes the visual ambiance of an outdoor space, […]

Different Tanning Ledge Options for Your Pool Design

 If you’re going to enjoy your backyard luxury pool design, there’s a good chance you’re also going to get a bit of sun. In fact, many people like to spend a little time soaking up the rays and working on their tan during the summer. Of course, that can get to be sweaty work. So […]

Add a Spa to your Luxury Pool Design

The addition of an in-ground, attached spa to your new or existing pool offers a number of benefits. Not only does it increase the value of your home, but it extends the use of your pool. Imagine yourself lounging in the spa while jets soothe tired muscles. Or enjoying a cool night while staying warm […]

Luxury Pool Design: What is Coping?

Coping is the border, usually stone, around the edge of your pool. It is not necessary, and some designers will forego coping when clients are on a tight budget. But coping is standard feature among higher end pools. It enhances the look of your pool design, attracting the eye and setting off your pool’s shape. […]

Light Up Your Pool Design

Add LED Lights into your pool design. Energy-efficient LED lights are versatile tools for setting and changing the mood of your outdoor paradise. You can transform your pool from romantic evening to energized soiree with the click of a remote. In contrast to fiber optic lighting, LED lights offer unlimited color possibilities and are a lot […]

Luxury Pool Design: Landscaping and Hardscapes

The area around your pool contributes as much to your backyard aesthetic as the pool itself. So after you decide on a pool shape and pick out those water and fire features, you’ll want to consider coping and decking, as well foliage. Coping and decking selections vary widely from less expensive concrete designs to luxurious […]

Pool Design for a More Luxe Life

Creating the perfect pool design is an exciting challenge. You want great design, but you need good function, too. Marrying pool design with and function is no easy task. That’s where the pool experts come in. We have been designing beautiful pools customized to elevate our client’s yards and lives. Here are some tips for […]

Renovate Your Pool on A Budget

If you’ve owned your pool for some time, it might be time to consider a remodel. Whether your pool renovation is a complete new pool design or you simply want to spruce things up, there are endless options for bringing the wow factor at a price that won’t bust the bank. Many improvements can also […]

Extreme Pool Design

Home Pools that Will Leave You Mind-Blown Swimming pools and spas can be more than just entertainment; they can add beauty and character to the home. The home’s existing landscape and interior features can harmonize with the pool design and create an environment as individual as the homeowners themselves. These amazing pools are as artistic […]

Functional Pool Design

  Summer is here and with that comes sweltering heat that begs to be relieved with a nice cool dip in your backyard pool. Although there are a lot of creative ways to keep the summer heat at bay, we know it’s that time of the year where most people are starting to consider getting […]

Creating Seamless Landscaping in Pool Design

Creating the ultimate outdoor environment for your friends and family to enjoy has many components that may not seem apparent to you, the homeowner, but are known all to well to pool builders and designers. To create a landscape that seamlessly integrates into your backyard environment, there are a few elements to keep in mind: […]