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Home Pools that Will Leave You Mind-Blown

Swimming pools and spas can be more than just entertainment; they can add beauty and character to the home. The home’s existing landscape and interior features can harmonize with the pool design and create an environment as individual as the homeowners themselves. These amazing pools are as artistic as they are functional.


  1. A pool built into an existing limestone quarry on the homeowner’s property:



  1. This 12,000 square-foot entertainment area features a hidden grotto with a spa behind the waterfall:



  1. This design has something for everyone; wade in, slide in, relax in the spa or watch the game on the super-sized screen:




  1. A whimsical fairytale setting for a simple indoor pool:



  1. A modern glass bottom design combines functionality and art:



  1. The master bedroom of this British house overlooks the pool and offers a direct route to the pool via waterslide:



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