Can a Pool Builder add Value to Your Home?

When people start talking about consulting a pool builder to enhance their backyard, this question inevitably comes up: will a pool add value to my home? Some will give you a definitive yes. Others might argue that the expense will not realize an equal return on your home’s value. And while we understand that as pool builders we might be a little biased, we strongly believe that designing your very own backyard oasis with a swimming pool as the centerpiece will bring all sorts of value to your home—and not just the monetary kind. Here’s why.

A Pool Builder Does Add Financial Value

The addition of a pool can increase the value of your home. How much and whether that increase matches the expense is a more complicated question. Pool builds can range widely in price. The addition of spas, water features, landscaping and hardscaping all contribute to the cost and the added value. How much return you get for your backyard investment also depends a bit on your neighborhood. If you own a luxury home in an area where most own pools, not having a pool can hurt resale value. You also shouldn’t underestimate how much the wow factor of an extraordinary backyard can add to the perceived value of your home. When a realtor shows off your house, a ready-to-enjoy yard is a wonderful asset.

Also Consider the Entertainment Value

A beautiful backyard with a gorgeous swimming pool can be enjoyed for decades. How much will you appreciate being able to relax at the end of a day, throw a birthday pool party or simple share wine with friends on a lazy evening? It’s impossible to put a price on the many ways a pool can improve your quality of life. Plus, a good pool builder will work with you to design a yard that perfectly suits your lifestyle, whether that means a tanning ledge, swim up bar or rock water slide.

The Years of Enjoyment are Priceless.

If you’re considering a pool, consult your local pool builder about the financial and life benefits of owning a pool. Here at Pacific Sun Pool & Spa, we’re happy to offer a complementary estimate on your new backyard oasis.

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