These Pool Deck Design Ideas Are Absolute Goals!

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Unwind and relax in the best way!

Summer is almost over, but as the heat continues, there’s no better way to cool off than taking a nice dip in your pool. What’s even better than a pool is a pool with a gorgeously styled deck. Why not get yours ready for this busy summer so that you can enjoy some me-time by the pool, which is #instagrammable, of course!

To help you get the ultimate design inspiration, we’ve curated this list of ideas for you to deep dive and choose the vibe you want to go for. Bring out your notepads as you take this ‘splash course’ to transform your deck into a stylish hangout spot.

A Pool for Every Mood

For those late-night dips or little therapeutic, relaxing sessions, you need to add that vibe to suit your mood. Invest in some pool lights and sit back as you witness the stunning change. You can add a few fairy lights, or also give mood illumination a try.

The beautiful lighting will enhance your swimming experience and uplift your mood. You can decorate your deck in a way to showcase your swimming pool, as you spend time by the pool together. Even a round deck can elevate the aesthetics of your house.

A round pool with soft edges tends to give your house an enhanced look. It is the perfect fit for homes that have traditional architectural elements.

Get the Right Vibe

As you look for ways to relax in the serenity of your pool, revamp your pool deck to reflect the same vibe. Things are bound to get hot during summer. Thus, you can opt for all-white, plaster-effect materials to give your pool deck a bohemian touch.

Experiment and add cushions and chairs that will make your lounging area the perfect place to unwind. You could play along with a banana hammock or a raffia roof over the deck to add a more natural vibe.

Level Up!

Segregate your sitting area from the pool deck by adding an interesting elevated patio. This distinction will give a modern yet luxurious feel to your pool, which will resonate with your home’s architectural style.

Add a luxurious vibe as you invest for a look that’s subtle yet modern. A plunge pool lined with dark tiles and clean lines will add the perfect touch of panache to your home. 
If you’ve limited space, you can extend your patio with the help of a multi-leveled deck to elevate your floor pool.

Durability is important

When it comes to a pool, things can get slippery. To avoid sliding accidents, you may have to be alert about the material you choose for your deck. You should aim to make your deck look upscale, yet the texture should be slip-resistant, even when in contact with water.

You can opt for a laid back polished concrete surface. This will be the perfect blend of a classy yet elegant look.  Alternatively, a brick paving on the patio makes it more durable and adds a beautiful lived-in aesthetic to your deck.

Enjoy Your Private Time

You may want to enjoy your time without anyone else snooping in your business. You can invest in a wall to segregate your swimming pool from the outdoor area. This will enhance your privacy and give a more enclosed and spacious look to your home.

Jazz Up Your Spaces

Who doesn’t dream about a chic backyard, which is everyone’s vacation goals? Decorated with stunning black and white swirly tables, curvy or wavy day beds, go a little extra and install a concrete foundation, the choice is yours.

You can choose a little minimalistic vibe, as you transform this space into a healing zone that makes you excited to spend time near your pool. Choose a sleek backyard design near a lawn and a patio. Keep it simple and decorate it with light-toned chairs, add a cushion or two for a subtle pop of color. However, remember to keep it minimal. Your pool deck will soon become your favorite spot in your entire house!

Your ultimate pool deck is your dream vacation coming to life in your own space. You can choose a vibe that speaks to you. We hope that these tips will inspire you to revamp your pool deck into a space that speaks to your soul.

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