6 Essential Pool Safety Tips

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What better way to relax and unwind than splashing in a springtime pool with your loved ones . It is the best time to bond with your family and enjoy the weather.

However, sometimes we tend to ignore the necessary precautions while having fun in the pool. It’s important to follow the safety guidelines and make your family break a memorable one.

The American Red Cross states that every year more than 200 children drown in swimming pools. From 2016-2018, approximately 6000 children were admitted to emergency rooms because of nonfatal drowning injuries in swimming pools.

Pool Safety, a national public education campaign from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, has laid out important precautionary steps to keep your family time in and around the pool enjoyable.

Children Should Know Swimming

It’s important to teach your children swimming. Children are always over-excited when it comes to playing in the water. However, too much fun can cost a life. Train them with all the important safety tips and practice with them in the water.

This makes them comfortable around water and strengthens their skills.

Always Keep an Eye

Turning your back for just a second on children in a pool can be a fatal mistake. Always stay near young kids and never leave them, even for a moment. If your children are inexperienced and young, make them wear life jackets.

If you need to leave, request someone else on your behalf to watch over. A dedicated, responsible adult should always keep an eye on young swimmers.

Check Pool Drains

Pool drains can sometimes create entrapment. Entrapment happens when a pool drain creates a higher than required suction force and pulls a swimmer towards the drain cover. With children, their limbs, hair, or bathing suits can get stuck in drain openings.

It is advisable to not let children play near drains and make them understand its significance.

Fix Drain Covers

Before stepping in the pool, ask pool authorities about the drain covers. Make sure that the drain covers are in proper condition. They shouldn’t be broken or cracked, and firmly secured in place. No matter where you’re swimming, even if it’s your backyard pool, have safe and secure drain covers.

Set Proper Barriers

It is recommended to cover your pool with proper barriers, fences, and alarms that prevent unsupervised children from swimming. Door alarms should be installed on all doors that grant access to the pool. You will come to know if a child exited from any of these doors and is playing near the pool area.

Learn CPR

If you know how to give CPR, you can probably save a life. In case of a drowning victim, you can instantly perform a CPR till the on-field doctors arrive. Every second can make a difference! Many training programs offer free or low-cost training.


These simple and important precautionary tips can keep you and your family safe and make pool time enjoyable. Never take anything for granted and don’t let your guard down. Because when we talk about pool safety, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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