Swimming Pool Party Tips for A Fab Labor Day

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Although us lucky residents of the San Diego area enjoy summer-like weather all year long, Labor Day weekend still holds a special place in our calendar. It’s a time to say good-bye to the relaxed days of summer before the demands of the work and school kick into full gear. And there’s no better way to enjoy a gathering of family and friends than with a swimming pool bash in your own backyard oasis. Here are some tips for staying safe while maximizing the fun.

  1. Make sure the water’s fine.

If you service your own pool, you’ll want to check the chemical levels in time enough to fix. Anticipate having more people in the pool than usual and adjust according. If you use a pool service company, let them know so they can ensure your pool is crystal clear come Labor Day.

  1. Plan seating.

Be sure to have a few lounging areas in the sun as well as in the shade. That way your guests can soak it up and stay cool as they wish. Many of our clients request that we incorporate tanning ledges into their pool design. Turns out, tanning ledges offer a popular gathering spot during pool parties.

  1. Supply sunscreen.

Have various kinds of sunscreen handy for guests who forget to apply or bring their own. Nothing ruins the afterglow of a great pool party than like the pain of a sunburn. This goes for you, too. As the busy host, do take time to apply and reapply. If you lack shade in your backyard, consider installing a patio cover this fall.

  1. Strategize your grilling.

Have a plan for when and how you will grill. Prep all your food before guests arrive, and have plenty of snacks to keep hunger at bay while you get those burgers ready. The more you plan and prepare, the less hectic you’ll be come party time.

  1. Glass and swimming pools don’t mix.

Do offer an array of beverages, but be sure to serve drinks in plastic cups. You can purchase fancy ones to complement your cocktails. Using glassware is not recommended. The last thing you want to do is try and fetch shattered glass from the bottom of your pool–or, worse, make a side trip to the ER.

  1. Take notes for next year’s party.

Perhaps a bigger outdoor kitchen or some new decking would really take your swimming pool parties up a notch. Fall is a great time to remodel your pool—or install a new one. Contact your local pool designer, like Pacific Sun Pool & Spa, for a complimentary consultation.

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