Outdoor kitchens with all the wow factors.

Outdoor kitchens run the gamut from grill and fridge combos to entire rooms featuring every appliance under the sun. The latest trend is towards the later. If your yard and budget allow, creating an outdoor kitchen as functional and inviting as your indoor one can really raise your summertime entertaining to new wonderful heights. Here are some ideas for dreaming up yours:

  1. Start with the grill.

This grill is the center point of great outdoor kitchens. With so many options available, you’ll want to zero in on the kind of grill (or grills) you prefer and go from there. Choose from traditional gas grills, smokers and even woodburning stoves. Or decide to have a combination of two or three. You can also add a stovetop to your outdoor kitchen and warming drawer. The possibilities are truly endless.

  1. Plan your countertop.

Your kitchen’s configuration will depend highly on the space you’ve allocated. The key is to allow for plenty of open counter space so you have a place to prep your food and set down items. You might consider a bar and some bar stools as well so your guests can converse with you while you grill. As for materials, stone countertops work best in exterior kitchens. Choose a stone that complements your existing hardscape. If you are redesigning your entire yard at the same time, then the sky’s the limit in terms of options.

  1. Fridges, bars and more.

A small outdoor fridge is very handy for keeping the drinks on hand. It also helps keep meats cool while you prep. A sink is essential as well for washing hands and utensils. Many clients also incorporate storage drawers for utensils, plates and other items. This beats having to repeatedly run inside for items.

Essentially, your outdoor kitchen can be as outfitted as your indoor one, adding some nice additional living space (and value) to your home.

To learn more about building an outdoor kitchen, contact us. We provide free estimates and can guide your backyard dreams into reality.

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