Pool design for hot times.

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Excessive heat warning slashes across the weather report. Temperatures soar. Breezes die. In times like these, a melting homeowner has only two choices: turn up the AC or build a pool. We recommend you consider the latter.

Imagine jumping into a refresh pool nestled in your own backyard oasis. It’s the perfect antidote to a scorching hot day–and your San Diego premier pool designer has just the features to elevate your swimming experience.

Tanning ledges for ultimate sun bathing.

When the sun is in full shine mode, a tanning ledge keeps you cool while you take in all those wonderful rays. These shallow platforms are perfect for lounging with a cocktail in hand. They also double as a wade pool for little ones who want to splash around. Your pool designer will work with you to determine the size, shape and depth of your ledge, customizing it for your preferred lifestyle.

Underwater benches and stools – ooh la la.

For those looking for more submerged relaxation, beautiful benches and stools that sit just below the water’s surface offer wonderful opportunities for cooling off. Stools can even jut up to a poolside bar. Your guests needn’t leave the pool to order a drink. Chat with friends. Read a book. Underwater seating expands all your pool possibilities. They also add stunning design elements to up the luxury ante.

Don’t forget the deep end.

Be sure to give one side of your pool a little depth. After all, you never know when those soaring temps will convince you to jump right in. Plus the deeper the pool, the cooler the water. Deep ends are also better for getting in a little exercise. Ever Zumba in a pool? Water resistance will raise the intensity level of any workout.

Versatility wins the hot day.

So what features do we recommend? All of the above. The more versatile your pool, the more able you will be to deal with the hot summers to come. Swimming pools not only raise the value of your home, but they also enhance the quality of your life. Just ask any pool owner.

These hot times are here to stay. Contact Pacific Pool & Spa and start dreaming about cooler days ahead right in your own backyard.

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