Luxury Pool Design: What is Coping?

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Coping is the border, usually stone, around the edge of your pool. It is not necessary, and some designers will forego coping when clients are on a tight budget. But coping is standard feature among higher end pools. It enhances the look of your pool design, attracting the eye and setting off your pool’s shape.

Choosing your Coping Material

The materials used for coping are usually the same as those used for your pool deck. The options are endless: travertine, pavers, concrete, etc. The selection depends on your pool design and your budget. Different materials offer various advantages. Travertine is highly luxurious while concrete can mimic stone and allows the coping to be one piece with the rest of the pool deck. With natural stone, you can use a different cut or color to set the border off from the rest of the deck. Brick pavers are less expensive, but can be used to create unique pool designs.

Rely on your pool designer.

An expert pool designer can guide you through the different types of stone, required thickness, pattern, shape, durability, and installation methods. Because not all materials work in all areas of the country, your pool designer can recommend materials that are better for your region. Your lifestyle will also influence decking and coping materials. Some get very hot, others are more slippery when wet.

Talk to Your Pool Design Company

When it comes time to build your pool, call Pacific Sun Pool & Spa. We can show you all the beautiful the possibilities. Contact us today.


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