Luxury Pool Design: Landscaping and Hardscapes

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The area around your pool contributes as much to your backyard aesthetic as the pool itself. So after you decide on a pool shape and pick out those water and fire features, you’ll want to consider coping and decking, as well foliage. Coping and decking selections vary widely from less expensive concrete designs to luxurious travertine stone. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Your pool design company can help you choose what’s best for your lifestyle and budget.

Pool Designs Featuring Concrete Decks

Concrete pool decks today are far different from the plain slabs of yesterday. They are actually the latest trend in pool design. Many outdoor designers love the versatility of concrete decks, which can mimic the look of stone and brick—yet stamped concrete costs much less. Plus you can combine different overlays to create a border look around your pool.

Natural Stone for Luxurious Pool Designs

Natural Stone pool decks lend beauty and sophistication to any backyard. Plus different stones offer unique styles and colors. Limestone can be cut into many shapes and tolerates extremes of temperatures very well. Durable Coral stone is contains a unique mixture of shell fossils, coral, along with bits of compressed sand or limestone. The most luxurious choice is probably travertine, which offers rich tones and finishes to match your home’s exterior.

Foliage to Complement Pool Design

Choosing the right plants for around your pool is also critical. Not all flowers, trees and bushes work well near a pool. Some drop too many leaves, which can harm your equipment over time. Your pool design should work in concert with your landscape design. A good pool company will ensure this.

Talk to Your Pool Design Company

Whether you’re interested in a new pool or want to renovate an existing one, Pacific Sun Pool & Spa can show you all the beautiful the possibilities. Contact us today.


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