Pool Design Ideas for 2018

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Just like fashion, pool design styles evolve with the times. Of course, classic geometric shapes will always hold their beauty and lagoon-like pools will continue to offer homeowners a resort-esque feel. But the latest and greatest in pool construction trends provide a sense of modern grandeur not seen before. If you’re considering a new pool or thinking about renovating, here are some marvels of pool design to consider.

  1. Glass Pool Walls


If your yard offers dramatic changes in elevation, you might consider a glass wall. Glass walls add a lovely elegance to any shaped pool, expanding the view from within as well as to the horizon beyond. Depending on the size and location of your pool, you can opt for one glass wall with a translucent waterfall or a 4-sided glass pool. Glass walls allow light and water to interplay for a beautiful and vibrant

  1. Indoor Outdoor Pool Design


This popular resort trend can be adopted for your home as well. You can swim away from the hot sun or on a rainy day while still enjoying cool summer breezes. Since remodeling your home to accommodate one is mostly likely not an option, consider constructing a solarium to house your pool. Enclosures make it easy to enjoy the benefits of swimming year round—not to mention gazing at the stars on the cool winter evening.

  1. Curved Edges

The kidney pools of the seventies and eighties have been replaced by large curved-edge pools. These wondrous shapes create a sense of free-flowing luxury. In contrast to the typical freeform pool, these pools feature one or two elongated curves for more of an endless summer feel.

To learn more about pool design, contact your local pool contractor. We provide free estimates and can guide your pool dreams into fruition.


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