Spring is the best time for pool building.

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If you’ve been dreaming of a backyard oasis, complete with a pool and spa, now is a great time to move from the conceptual to the planning phase, and there are several good reasons to make this the year you finally pull the trigger. Here are a just a few reasons why right now is the best time to start thinking about contacting  a pool designer and building your custom pool.

Have a Pool by Summer

It only makes sense that planning and building in spring will result in a finished pool that you and your family and friends can start to enjoy as soon as summer hits and high temperatures leave you dreaming of a cool dip.

Refresh Landscaping

Spring is the best time of year for new planting, and since you’ll have to clear some space and dig in the dirt to create your pool, this is a great time to round out your backyard oasis with some brand-new landscaping.

Add to Home Value

Any time you contract with a pool designer to install the beautiful and functional addition of a swimming pool, you’re going to increase home value, so why not start sooner rather than later and enjoy the luxury of having a pool as long as possible?

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