Pool Landscaping Basics from Your Pool Designer

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Summer may have come and gone already this year, but the luxury afforded by a premium pool presentation is an amenity that can add to your life no matter the season. After all, there truly is nothing as relaxing and rewarding as washing away the stresses of daily life with a few strokes and splashes in one’s own backyard oasis. Yet it can be a challenge to keep up with the maintenance and daily upkeep required as a homeowner with a pool. Not only is there the chlorination and constant cleaning of the pool itself, but the greenery and foliage around your outdoor oasis also requires a little ongoing time and effort.

So, how does one go about outfitting the edges of their swimming sanctuary with the proper plantings and potteries? Contact your pool designer. Here’s a quick and basic guide to pool landscaping for the beginner, so you can savor your swimming time without worrying about the burden of the bushes along the edge.

Identify Your Intentions

Landscaping can do a lot more than just look nice next to your pool. Ferns and foliage add that special ambiance, but they can also act as ways to increase privacy, eliminate potential debris, or create a barrier. The first step in deciding how to design your ideal pool space is to identify what qualities you want your design to primarily focus on. Your pool designer can help with this.

Outline A Theme

Are you an edgy, modern type with a geometrically-oriented pool and achromatic minimal home aesthetic? Or do you consider your humble abode more of a beach-inspired, tropical lush environment with color and contrast? These types of considerations all effect your potential landscaping motif options. You want to make sure that whatever extra accents you add to the edgings of your pool match with the overall aesthetic of your home and your personal style.

Consider The Costs

Proper poolside landscaping can be as expensive or as inexpensive as you want it to be. Simple greenery potted and planted by hand will require a vastly different budget than one carefully crafted by a full-blown foliage aficionado. Identifying your budget, how much you want to spend not only on the materials themselves that make up your outdoor adornments but any labor, lighting, maintenance or electrical work they’ll require, is essential. No matter whether it’s hundreds of dollars or thousands of dollars, a budget is sometimes the best place to start your planning.

Pick Your Pool First

Any type of landscaping efforts are meant to enhance your pool’s beauty and allure. However, it all starts with the proper pool in the first place. Opting for luxury pool design is the easiest way to ensure your backyard becomes an alluring oasis.

For more information on creating your outdoor oasis, contact Pacific Pool & Spa.

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