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As pool design continues to innovative, swimming pools are becoming more and more luxurious and modern. The latest trends in upscale swimming pools are all influenced by the desire for relaxation. People want to create their own backyard oasis. As a pool builder, we have many features we can incorporate to boost the beauty and function of your new pool. Here are a few of our favorite options for 2019 and beyond.

Dark Pool Interiors

Whether you choose a high-end material like Pebbletec, custom tile or colored plaster, going for a darker interior finish adds much elegance to your pool. Dark aquas also create a sense of depth. Though white plaster still remains one of the most popular (and economical) finishes, the options out there are many. Talk to your pool builder about going dark and what might work within your budget.

Pool Design Jumps on the Tanning Ledge Bandwagon

One of today’s most popular features, tanning ledges provide a way for people to enjoy the water without actually getting in the water. Simply build in a couple of lounge chairs onto a ledge in your pool and you can create the effect of sitting on the beach as the tide rolls across your legs. Ledges also provide a great place for younger children to play.

Swim Up Bars

This resort trend as made its way into residential pool design. Integrate an outdoor kitchen into your pool with a swim up bar. Guests will enjoy grabbing a beer or cocktail without having to leave the cool water. Swim up bars are smart features for people who enjoy hosting outdoor parties.

Pool Automation

Whether you use a service company or manage the upkeep of your pool yourself, automating your equipment can save you much time and money. The newest gadgets allow people to manage their pools from their smart phones–ensuring your pool is always ready for a swim.

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